Website Audit: SEO, Google Analytics & Custom Tools

It is oriented to know the problems that the site may have, whether problems of badly implemented links, site design or meta-tags. It is also a general analysis of the Website aimed at disclosing the actions necessary to improve search engine optimization (SEO).

- Includes SEO audit

- Includes site analytics audit

- Includes Audit of Custom Tools

You receive:

  • You will receive a document where you specify the general problems found on the website and recommendations for the improvement of these problems.


  1. Fill the form (you'll be redirected to the form once you checkout)

    1. You'll be asked about your URL and everything to make the process.

Some extra

Our clients usually attach this service with:

Why do I need Website Audit? (3 Simple Reasons)

  1. Create a better strategy to modify existing problems.

  2. Help evaluate if the site is well-designed for different devices.

  3. It will be possible if the SEO strategy implemented above is being effective.