Google Tag Manager

It allows you to quickly and easily update pixel, marketing tracking codes and event tracking. Google Tag Manager provides a window to add custom tracking to events, form submissions and eCommerce experience and send the data to any analytical tool

What you will receive:

  • A custom implementation of Google Tag Manager.

  • Event tracking to identify: Conversions, form submissions and more.

  • The ability to quickly add marketing pixels.


  1. Fill the form (you'll be redirected to the form once you checkout)

    1. You'll be asked about your URL, Tracking account, and everything to set GTM up.

Some extras

Our clients usually attach this service with:

Why do I need a Google Tag Manager? (3 Simple Reasons)

  1. Configuring custom events for more information about user behavior.

  2. Easy implementation of tracking tool codes.

  3. Collecting more data from the site.