Google Analytics Set Up

With Google Analytics you can see both metric data (numerical data) and dimensions (qualitative data). Some usual basic data are visits, unique visitors, sessions, rebound percentage, among others. Within this tool you can configure objectives to follow by the customer, for example, the shipment of some form on the site.

You receive:

  • You will receive an interface that acts as a report where you can see the data collected in a range of dates that will show the behavior that users have had on the site. The information of the events or conversions that have been configured will also be displayed.


  1. Fill the form (you'll be redirected to the form once you checkout)

    1. You'll be asked about your URL, Tracking account, and everything to set GA up.

Some extra

Our clients usually attach this service with:

Why do I need Google Analytics? (3 Simple Reasons)

  1. Observe the fulfillment of the objectives you want to achieve in terms of user interaction.

  2. Observe in real time the behavior of them.

  3. The data collected will help you make a better decision for marketing campaigns.